Tuesday, 9 February 2016

MoYou Nails Valentine Stamping Plate 409

It's February, the month of love what with St Valentine's day just around the corner.  So here's a couple of vali manis using MoYou Nails Valentine Stamping plate 409 and stamped with MoYou Nails stamping polishes.  The Valentine plate 409 is from their Love Affair range, a collection of hearts, celebrations and wedding themes.
MoYou Nails square plates and polishes are £4.99 each each with great offers on sets of 3, 5, 6 & 10 bottles or 3, 5 & 10 plates.  But hang on, want more.....
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For my pink heart mani on the left I've used MoYou Nails stamping polishes Burgundy, Royal Purple, Razzle Dazzle Rose & Shocking Pink
For the dark mani on the right I've used MoYou Nails shimmer stamping polishes in Emperor's Gold & Majestic Violet
 The new range of shimmer stamping polish, which can also be used as regular polish, from
MoYou Nails in a decent size 12ml bottle
L-R - Majestic Violet, Mystic StoneCrimson SkyEmperor's GoldCelestial Blue

MoYou Nails are based in the UK and they offer international shipping.
P&P is FREE (within the UK) when your order is £35 and over.
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Go check them out for their fabulous Nail Art Sets, image plates, nail polish & much more!!


Monday, 8 February 2016

Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper & Stamping Plate BP-L 003

The clear jelly stamper is a revolution in the nail art stamping world.  A clear silicone stamper which allows you to look down the barrel and see exactly what has been stamped and where precisely to place on your nail - why didn't anyone think of this before!  My Clear Jelly Nail Stamper is from Born Pretty Store, comes with a scraper and is available in 3 colours, pink, purple and white (I have white).  I did have to practice using the new clear jelly stamper, unlike my squishy stamper which I simply place on top of the painted image, the clear jelly stamper in my opinion requires a rolling technique and you need to work fast.  Quick roll and place straight onto your nail.  I found that if you pressed too hard the stamp didn't pick up the image, but hey, I'm still practicing.  There's a different type of stamper for every occasion, this will be great for precise placement of a pattern onto your nail.  The clear jelly stamper head is firmer than a squishy stamper and I've discovered from other bloggers do not use acetone to clean as this will breakdown the silicone head, use a lint sticky roller to clean up.  Take a look at my video tutorial below which shows the clear jelly stamper in action, I've also used a large stamping plate from Born Pretty Store which is Stamping Plate BP-L003.
Onto the pics!!!!
Looking down the barrel with the jelly stamper at the bottom.  You can quite clearly see the stamped image and you can stamp precisely on your nail.
Below - looking at the head of the stamper where it has picked up the stamped image
Above and below, stamped from Born Pretty Store BP-L003 large stamping plate

 The Clear Jelly Nail Stamper & Scraper is currently $2.99 / £2.10 / €2.76 
The Stamping Plate BP-L003 is currently $4.19 / £2.94 / €3.86

You can also use my 10% discount code HXBQ10 which gets you 10% off full priced items. Check out the Born Pretty Store  website for loads of cool nail art goodies.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection

There's a Models Own bottle shop near to me at Brent Cross Shopping Centre.  My Boss very kindly bought me the Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection, a set of 10 beautiful shimmer nail polishes.  Each bottle is usually £4.99 each, however every now and again Models Own have 50% off which makes them £2.50 each and they're 14mls.  The Diamond Luxe set came in a zipped clear bag and all have distinctive gold tone caps and lettering.
To the pics!
Asscher Blue: Bright light blue with turquoise shimmer
 Carat Coral: Bright tomato red with gold shimmer
 Emerald Green: Bright green with gold shimmer
 Heart Red: Scarlet red with gold shimmer
 Marquise Maroon: Ruby red with gold shimmer
 Oval Plum: Magenta pink with pink shimmer
 Pear Purple: Lilac with gold shimmer
 Princess Pink: Baby pink with silver shimmer
 Radiant Pink: Bubblegum Barbie pink with silver shimmer
 Trillion Taupe: Beige with gold shimmer
 Some of them were a little thick and some need 3 coates but overall I'm very pleased with them especially if you can get them at £2.50 per bottle.
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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

smART Nails Stencils 'I Love You' P062

Those 3 little words 'I Love You' probably the most well known 3 worded phrase on the planet.  So just in time for Valentine's day I have another vali mani to show you using I Love You nail stencils from smART Nails.  Using a black & white base I added the I Love You stencils in red on the white nails and white on the black nails.  Simply perfect and gets the message across!  There are 10 stencils per pack, 2 of each design shown below and you can reuse each one a few times.  Stencils are a great way to create nail art.   Simply peel off the stencil from the backing paper.  The stencil is transparent so you can see exactly where to place it on the nail.  Press onto your dry nail and make sure there are no air bubbles.  Seal with top coat once the stencilled polish is completely dry to avoid smearing. To reuse the stencil I put the painted stencil on the plastic packaging the stencils came in, wiped the polish off with nail polish remover and it was good to use again.
I highly recommend these stencils because they are easy, effective, fun, inexpensive and a great way to decorate you nails.
  To the pics!
smART Nails stencils are currently $1.99 / £1.25 / €1.58 per pack and they offer international shipping at a flat rate of $5.
FREE shipping on orders $20+
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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cupid Nail Art Decals from Charlies Nail Art

In classical mythology if you are hit by cupid's arrow you'll be full off uncontrollable desire.  He must have hit me in the nail polish isle!  This cheeky little chap makes lots of appearances this time of year what with St Valentine's Day coming up.  So here's a vali mani of mine using Cupid Nail Art Decals from Charlies Nail Art on my thumb and ring finger, the middle nail is Nails Inc Lumious Red Metallic and the index and pinky is Lacquered Polish Bless Your Heart.  The shiny metallic Cupid decals have a holographic coating revealing a rainbow of colours when the light bounces off them.  I applied the Cupid Nail Art Decals with top coat however nail glue will be a more secure option.
To the pics!!!!
The Cupid Nail Art Decals currently cost £0.99 for a pack of 100, and come in red or black. Available at Charlies Nail Art who have an huge range of nail art items.

You can also keep up with all the latest Charlies Nail Art info on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+ & LinkedIn. Charlies Nail Art is a UK based company and ships worldwide. UK postage starts from £1.75 and is FREE on UK orders over £30.

This product was sent to my for my honest review, have fun with your nails!

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

3D Pearly Hearts from Charlies Nail Art

Here's a couple of manis using 3D Pearly Hearts from Charlies Nail Art, fabulous for valentines, if your in the mood for love or just because you love hearts!  My two manis are as follows, on the left: pink water marble with white on thumb and ring topped with the 3D hearts.  On the right: it's all about pink girly glitter with maroon on the thumb and ring, again topped with the 3D hearts.  The 3D Pearly Hearts come in a pack of 4 and available in 3 colours, white, pink and purple, I have purple which is a lilac shade.  I applied the reusable 3D Pearly Hearts while my top coat was wet, however nail glue is a more secure option.
To the pics!!!!
The 3D Pearly Hearts nail decorations currently cost £0.45 for a pack of 4, super value for these reusable decals, and in 3 different colours.  Available at Charlies Nail Art who have an huge range of nail art items.

You can also keep up with all the latest Charlies Nail Art info on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+ & LinkedIn.  Charlies Nail Art is a UK based company and ships worldwide. UK postage starts from £1.75 and is FREE on UK orders over £30.

This product was sent to my for my honest review, have fun with your nails!
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